I don’t know what keeps me going back to him. I can’t tell if it’s the good or the bad, the function or the dysfunction, the healthy vs. unhealthy attractions, connections, etc. Each time I think I have my head wrapped around it, each time I think I reached a…

I’m not up here to tell a story. I am up here because my uncle deserves to be remembered for his kind soul.

If you stare long enough at a tombstone, it becomes clear that all that remains of a person is their soul, their spirit. That’s the only thing…

Three days would make me feel human again. Three days in a new scene. Three days when nobody I’d meet ever heard of me. Three days when my baggage couldn’t hunt me down. Three days of freedom, new air, freshness, circulating, new experience.

I felt like I could breathe; I…


I need Jesus.

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