I came to the realization today through a Spiritual Healing session that I am blessed. My twin flame and I have Michael the Archangel as our guide and protector. A lot of research says that Michael, which means “who is like God” is actually Jesus Christ.

My name is Jess, just one letter short of Jesus, and my twin flame… well, I wont talk about the rest of it. ;)

Since I was a child, I heard the voice of an authority figure from heaven, who I now know was Michael. He was there when I was 11 years old. He told me to go to my best friend, right before she died, and give her a real hug.

Research says that Michael communicates boldly- especially during times of crisis or when he wants the truth to come out or to protect us. Michael is God’s warrior- more powerful than Satan and saved by God when enemies tried to take his wings away.

How do I know that I am so blessed as to have an archangel- THE archangel- protecting over me? Well, because on July 20th, 2018 when my twin flame and I were having difficulties, as many twin flames do (which I now know), I prayed to God in crisis. I said: “God, I need you right here, right now.”


With that, God sent Michael.

Research says that one of Michael’s signs is a clear image and the feeling of warmth and comfort. Before reading this, I described that day- July 20th- to people by saying that God had put me in a giant cocoon of warmth and I took a picture (which is my Facebook profile picture) that day to send to my twin flame right before my phone died where you can clearly see Michael in the clouds above the ocean. I took that picture when I felt his presence because I literally dropped to my knees and thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Today, as prompted by the Healer, we noticed it was Michael because he is holding a sword. I didn’t notice the sword until today. The healer put her hands on my head and told me she saw him protecting me.

Thank you Michael, most High, for keeping me and my twin flame safe from Lucifer. I know you need me to fight with you, For God, in this lifetime.

Here’s the other part of it:

All my life I’ve struggled with this complex. I’m a female and yet I have such masculine energy. I have such a heart of a fighter that isn’t exactly “attractive” or prized upon in females. Why did I have more fearlessness and courage than most of the men I encountered? None were strong enough for me. I was constantly disappointed and alone. Why was I born and created to fight?

Well, I believe Michael is going to show me the way.

Nonetheless, I cant wait until my twin flame is strong enough to fight with me. I keep asking Michael to send him his fire back. Use his sword to conquer all the fear that entraps him. Use his trumpet to call the chosen ones to battle. Mobilize us. Call us to arms.

See, God knew I was a warrior, and that’s why he sent me Michael.

Last night I had a rough sleep. I cried myself to sleep and reached out to my twin flame in a desperate plea to create contact again. I couldn’t sleep even though I knew I was seeing the healer in the morning. Then, I started to hear an awful drumming. The notes were so low, so base, that it felt evil. It felt like Satan was coming for me.

I had recently challenged Satan.

After I sinned against God, I cried, and I looked at myself in the mirror in the dark moonlight and I said:

Satan! You coward! You pussy! Reveal yourself to me! Is this the best you got?

So, maybe the evil music I heard last night was a reflection of that. But, almost immediately after, I heard Michael speak. He reminded me of my own words that came out July 28th during prayer and worship.

See, I had told God:

I will fight for you. You created me to fight for you. I want to fight!

And I was about to give up the fight. Torn over losing my twin flame, I thought I would finally settle. I’d finally lower my standards after 30 years. I would just get pregnant and marry someone who I have nothing but a physical connection with and live an average life full of nothing spectacular.

But Michael reminded me of my words!!! I can not go back on my promise to God. Alone or reunited with my twin flame, I need to answer the call to fight.

I need Jesus.